The Real Stars of the Virtual World: Lil Miquela, Shudu Gram, Imma, Noonoouri, and Many More

With the advent of the technology era we’re currently in, artificial intelligence technology is gaining momentum at an exponential rate. We can see the effects of AI technology on the rapidly growing social media platforms every minute. Wanting to be part of the social media celebrities we have seen emerge strongly by the end of the 2010s, this technology seems to aspire to exist in the field of “Influencer marketing” with the new identities it creates.

With the emergence of these new identities, social media platforms have become a place where not only real individuals but also virtual characters gain popularity. These virtual internet celebrities, with millions of followers, share impressive content in many fields ranging from fashion to art, from technology to the beauty industry. 

Here are some of these virtual stars:

Lil Miquela


Lil Miquela, created with 3D animation on Instagram, has become one of the most intriguing names in the fashion world. Known as a virtual influencer, Lil Miquela climbs to the top of the fashion world with a strong following. Recognized for collaborations with fashion brands, Lil Miquela interacts with her followers just like a real person and inspires them. With her fun style and daily shares, she continues to provide her followers with unique experiences.

Shudu Gram

Shudu Gram is known as the first virtual model created as a realistic 3D model. Created by photographer Cameron-James Wilson, Shudu shares photos on Instagram with natural beauty and fashion-themed concepts. Shudu, who is so realistic that she cannot be distinguished from a real human model, stands out in the fashion industry and collaborates with various brands.

Supermodels who attract attention with their collaborations in the fashion field continue to appeal to humanity with their different nationalities. When we look at Shudu Gram’s profile, we notice that she is a black character. Imma and Liam Nikuro, whom we will mention later in the article, appeal to Japanese fashion and culture, which have become the interests of many people today.



Noonoouri shares content in the fields of fashion, beauty, and travel as a virtual influencer. Unlike other profiles created with ai technology, Noonoouri has gained a large following on Instagram. Influencer, who some people notice for her resemblance to Bratz dolls, is enough to attract attention. “Al Influencer” provides content on various topics from the latest trends in the fashion world to travel tips and makes a name for herself by collaborating with brands.



For those interested in Japanese fashion and culture, there is a virtual influencer named Imma on Instagram. Creators designed Imma to look like a real human and share content focused on Japanese fashion. Imma’s impressive and unique style makes her an inspirational source for her followers.

Liam Nikuro


Liam Nikuro is one of Japan’s well-known virtual influencers. As a virtual character, he shares content on topics such as fashion, beauty, and travel. Although Liam doesn’t look like a real person, he has an impressive personality and style and offers content focused on Japanese culture and youth trends.


Seraphine, a virtual musician from Riot Games’ popular game League of Legends, interacts with her fans as if she were a real human model. Models shares music and gaming content on social media platforms and has gained a large fan base within the League of Legends community.

These virtual internet celebrities are building an important bridge between the virtual and real worlds in today’s digital age. These virtual stars, who inspire their followers and shape the fashion and beauty industries by collaborating with brands, once again prove the power of social media.